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Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Basketball shoes are primarily high ankled and tight fitting. Such a design is basically made to aid the players in jumping up properly. In addition, it also plays a highly instrumental role in providing the player with enough comfort during the entire game. Since most shoes are tight fitting, people with wide feet experience extreme discomfort while playing the game, especially near their toes. The following are the best basketball shoes for wide feet, that provide players with genuine comfort.

Nike Overplay IV Basketball Shoes

The Nike overplay basketball shoes have a comfortable higher sole and soft padding inside. The shoe also has a large toe section and rubber outsole. These features provide the player to comfortably relax his or her toe. The rubber out lay is the best aspect as the entire shoe will willingly adjust with the wide foot which will give the player a certain comfort in jumping landing and recovering from the landing. The foot will remain relaxed and injury free.

Cheap 2017 Adidas Nmd New Arrived S31504 Unisex Black White Grey Australia Pro Model ’08

The Pro model is a good shoe with a large toe. Ladies who have large and wide feet will certainly enjoy the comfort of this product. The high ankle and flexible sides make the shoe a comfortable one when it comes to wide feet. The flexibility of the shoe relaxes the foot when the player exercises the ankle, Achilles tendon and Cheap 2017 Adidas Nmd New Arrived S31504 Unisex Black White Grey Australia even toes.

Nike Air Flight Scorer

The Nike Air Jordan 13 Low 310810-407 Men Dark Blue Black White Australia Shop flight scorer is a definite comfort to people who have large and wide feet. A flexible sole and sides with comfortable padding help the player to grip the court properly and effortlessly. These shoes are definitely recommended if you have a foot that gets wide at the toe or at the bottom.

Converse EB2 Boy’s Basketball Shoe

If you are searching for basketball shoes for ankle support, then try out the EB2 boy’s basketball shoe. This design is definitely suited for people who have big and large feet. The upper side made up of leather, is flexible, and has nylon lining. This combination gives an excellent ankle support and also plays a highly instrumental role in steadying the players running and jogging motion. If you are suffering from ankle pain, then have a look at this pair.


The PILRAHNA III shoes are an excellent alternative if you are searching for lightweight shoes. Such shoes are well suited to wide feet and also for people who want to relax their ankles. The toe of the shoe is also quite flexible and enables the person to run and jog effortlessly.

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