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Experience the grace of the golden dunes of Abu Dhabi with the expertise of Desert Safari. With Desert Safari you get fulfilled with the best off-road desert adventure of your lifetime in the desert of Abu Dhabi. Our professionals in desert safari and camping necessitate the prospects of fun and entertainment by valuing your time.

Our professionals have explored, experienced, and expertise in the desert of Abu Dhabi to give you the best for off-road desert adventure. The passion and discipline of the specialized crew manifest your affirmation of the desert journey into a life-changing experience.
The luxury numbers of comfortable vehicles, the exquisite campsite, and the disciplined and trusted crew of Desert safari have ascribed the trust of thousands of clients from around the world.

The desert adventure service is fulfilled with the prospect of varied services, that involve:
Camel trekking
Morning desert
Bus pick up
Quad bike
Evening desert
Romantic Dune

With the services of Desert Safari, you get stimulated by your desire to caress the golden dunes, to have the lip-smacking dishes from the Arabian cuisine, to ride on the back of the camel that rejoices fun and we let you enjoy the shine and elegance of the stars in the cloudless night. To make your off-road desert adventure a life-changing experience and to explore the prospects and the unseen ring your desire with the crew of Desert Safari.

Address:Hamdan St , Hamdan Centre, 1st Floor Office No:108.
Phone: +97126662267
Mobile: +971561144427

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