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‘Half-Life’ finish ‘Occurrence 3′ leaked by Brandy Laidlaw, long-meter Complex body part writer

For virtually 10 years, a highly-looked-for ending to the “Half-Life” video recording diversion grant has eluded fans. Mere refer of the speech “Half-Life 3″ has metamorphose farce comedy.

It appears as tho’ the game’s literate simply leaked the ending fans get been ready and waiting on all this quantify.

Gordon Freewoman (left) and Alyx Vance (right) are the briny stars of the “Half-Life” order. You gambling as Gordon. Anatomical structure

Long-influence Bodily structure Software system essay writer Marc Laidlaw tweeted out a tie on Thursday dark to a news report that sounds an terrible lot similar what could’ve been “Half-Life 2: Episode 3″ (aka “Half-Life 3″).

Epistle 3 website

— Brandy Laidlaw (@marc_laidlaw) Lordly 25, 2017

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