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2000 sweater that is the newest luxury status symbol

Designer sweaters that creep towards $2,000 in price are becoming equally commonplace as four figure handbags and high heels.

Brands including Christopher Kane, Adidas Fashion 777 Australia The Row, and Adidas Fashion 777 Australia Bottega Veneta say that their sweater designs which are primarily unassuming with simple shapes and colors boast the kind of quality to justify their price tag.

An unadorned, cream colored cotton cardigan by Bottega Veneta is currently on offer for $2,200, and similarly pared down, cashmere silk look by Donna Karan is being sold for $1,995. to the Los Angeles Times, it would take one goat

approximately four years naturally to shed enough wool to create a

cashmere fibers run at approximately 2.5 inches in length and 14

microns in width. Course fibers as short as 0.8 inches long are sent toto the cheap cashmere phenomenon.

Simple pleasures: Pared down looks like Bottega Veneta’s $2,200 cotton cardigan (left) and Donna Karan’s $1,995 blend (right) are expensive despite their simplicity

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