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What could be causing these blisters

What could be causing these blisters?There are several possible explanations for your children’s blisters. Your GP needs to see you children to decide which of these (if any) may be causing your children’s rashes.

1. The fact that the rash affects the hands and arms of two of your children suggests that they may have touched or handled something to which they are both allergic.

At this time of year they are likely to be playing outside in the garden and may have come into contact with certain types of plants such as Euphorbia which could cause a rash with itchy blisters. Discount 2017 Adidas Nmd New Arrived BY2775 R1 Unisex Navy Blue White Australia soaps, hand or sun creams are other possibilities.

2. They may have caught the type of virus which causes hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). This was first described in 1957 in a small outbreak in Toronto. It is a common illness in infants and Adidas Fashion 777 Men Black Blue Outlet Australia children under 10, occurring especially in the summer months.

Quite often you would hardly know that your children were unwell as they might not have any other signs of illness. Alternatively, during the day or two before the spots appeared your children might have had a mild fever or sore throat or just felt off colour.

The rash appears over a couple of days. It can vary from child to child. It starts as small raised, red spots which become blisters and then burst. They can occur on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and arms and legs. The blisters are not usually itchy as you describe.

However, if your children scratch them they will burst and can leave a mark, but scarring is unusual. At the same time if you look in your children’s mouths you may see small blisters or ulcers.

HFMD is a different disease to the foot and mouth disease of cattle, sheep and pigs. Although the names are similar the two diseases are not related and are caused by different viruses.

HFMD is generally not a serious or dangerous illness. There is no specific treatment. It gets better on its own within a week.

It is moderately contagious. It is spread by sneezing, coughing, kissing, sharing food and drinks and also by the stools. You can prevent spread of the virus by frequent handwashing, especially after going to the toilet or changing nappies and disinfecting household eating and toilet areas with diluted bleach.

If your doctor agrees the rash looks like HFMD it would be sensible to keep your children away from school, nursery or other children for the first two to three days of the rash.

3. Your children could be showing the first signs of chickenpox. This causes itchy blisters to appear in crops over the body. The blisters burst leaving small scars.

It would be unusual for the blisters to appear on both sides in the same area of the body in both your children. Also most children have had chickenpox by the age of nine. If your children have already had chickenpox they are unlikely to catch it again.

Your GP needs to examine your children to see if their rash could be chickenpox as they would need to be kept off school or nursery. They also need to avoid contact with children or adults with low immunity and pregnant women who are not immune.

They will stop being contagious when the blisters have all formed scabs and no new blisters are appearing.

4. The spots may be caused by infection with scabies or by the bacterial skin infection called impetigo. Both of these cause itchy spots or blisters. Again it would be unusual for two of your children to develop these spots in exactly the same areas of their body but it is possible.

It is important that your GP detects these conditions as they need treatment with specific lotion for scabies and with antibiotics for impetigo. They are infectious until the spots have cleared up.

We recommend readers seek personal medical attention in appropriate circumstances. Daughter Khloe Kardashian is also seen looking very worried and supporting her mom near the driver\’s side of the car.

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