Author: lonsaldana4929

Old Shoe Revived

In 1996 I was feeling like an old worn out shoe. I had no spring in my step and just didn’t shine anymore. What was I going to do? I was not real thrilled about conventional medicine and decided I would investigate alternative medicine.

Stress was one of the big factors corrupting my health. I learned how to lessen and control my stress. Basically, I let go of some pent up emotions and concentrated on positive moves. Next, I zoomed in on my immune system. The immune system can be controlled by many factors. Two main ones are stress and diet. The stress I had under control, so diet was next on the list. Diet is a tough cookie cause you want to eat that cookie! What can I say but: fruit, Adidas Nmd Human BB0619 Race Unisex Yellow Black White Australia Shop veggies, less meat and lots, lots of good pure water. Alas, I still slip occasionally and go sugar mad. I begin to feel once more like an old gray dirty shoe and so I return to the power foods.

Herbs and supplements worked for me. I researched, studied and absorbed all the knowledge I could on herbs and vitamins. I studied the body system and applied it to my own system. The learning is an on going project, because the field is so huge. Supplements that worked for me may not work as well for you, but there are many other choices. Along this adventure, I have made my husband, children, family and friends believers.

My life changing choices have lowered my blood pressure, helped menopausal symptoms, reduced head colds, zapped headaches, enhanced moods and I now feel like a pretty, perky shiny shoe.

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