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The man who nailed the Krays tells his chilling story after 40 years in hiding

And there was one rule which would always carry a death sentence should it be broken: you didn’t grass up the KraysIn the years he spent in the inner circle of the organisation known as The Firm, he had witnessed too much violence, too many beatings, too much terror and intimidationIf the Krays could not be stopped, he reasoned, they would continue to go around killing people ‘like animals’ including, perhaps, his own familySo he decided to become a police informer. For Nike Air Max Flair Unisex Red Black Melbourne three years from 1966 while remaining a trusted figure at the heart of the brothers’ burgeoning empire he betrayed the gangsters’ so called code by feeding vital information to Scotland YardNames, dates, faces, locations, car registrations and reports of the Krays’ criminal activities enabled police to build a detailed picture of how extensive the brothers’ grip on the British crime scene was becomingCelebrities and politicians, from Frank Sinatra to Tory peer Lord Boothby, were increasingly part of the Kray sceneWorryingly and unknown to police until Bobby told them the twins were also forging links with the Mafia in New York’When the twins were convicted of two murders at the Old Bailey in 1969

and sentenced to a minimum 30 years in jail, it was largely Bobby’s

testimony, backed up by his brothers, which put them behind bars.’

Bobby’s leaked information, given under his codename of ‘Phillips’, would eventually lead to the arrest of Ronnie, Reggie and key members of The FirmBut he had to take one last terrifying step across the line. Bobby and subsequently his brothers David and Alfie, who were also friends of the Krays would have to testify against themWhen the twins were convicted of two murders at the Old Bailey in 1969 and sentenced to a minimum 30 years in jail, it was largely Bobby’s testimony, backed up by his brothers, which put them behind barsFor David and Nike Air Max Flair Unisex Red Black Melbourne Alfie, it meant a year under police guard and witness protection schemes in the wake of the trial. But for Bobby the informer the Krays had once trusted as a friend it meant exileFor the next four decades, he simply vanished. His ex wife told their young daughter he lay at the bottom of the Thames beneath Tower Bridge. His brothers never heard from him again, and they, too, assumed he was deadIf he had been alive, they thought, he would surely have made contact when their beloved mother died but that was more than 20 years ago now, and there hadn’t even been a signLater, they begged police to tell them what happened to him, without response. At one stage they hired private detectives not necessarily to track him down, but simply to end the agony of uncertaintyThen two weeks ago, to everyone’s astonishment, Bobby came back from the deadPolice target: Ronnie Kray and Reggie Kray in 1966. They were eventually charged with murdering two fellow gangsters and jailed in 1969

Out of the Adidas ZX700 B34333 Unisex Red Dark Blue Melbourne, he responded to a Facebook appeal that his older brother Alfie, Adidas Superstar Women White Black Australia now 70, and younger brother David, 67, launched in a last, desperate bid to make contact’I sailed for a bit, then trained as a carpenter in Canada,’ he says. ‘After that I became a property developer before moving to the States.’

He had a new wife, a new family but, incredibly, had kept the same nameThis week, he flew into Britain for a reunion with his brothers and his long lost daughter Tracy, now 45So why didn’t he reveal himself before? ‘I was told by the police not to contact anyone for five years,’ he says’After that I told myself I would make contact, but then each year would pass. I found a new wife, we had a child and a new life.’

But now he’s come back with a mission. Bobby, 68, was horrified to discover that the sick hero worship which gave the Krays iconic status among underworld contemporaries and low life admirers endures nearly half a century later.

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