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All Things BNET on BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

BNET’s best have provided coverage and insight into the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and the subsequent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico since it all began April 20. Management lessons, BP’s impacts to the seafood industry; Warren Buffett’s oil spill play, lesson in advertising and public relations; as well as economic implications are all here. Heck, even James Cameron and Kevin Costner and make cameo appearances. Most importantly, BNET digs in and Nike Benassi Swoosh Women Pink Malaysia Online provides the analysis and management insight that goes beyond traditional news stories.

The following links are grouped into the following categories: News on the oil blowout, discussion of its economic consequences, BP’s executive leadership and advertising/public relations. We’ll keep updating this post as the disaster unfolds, so bookmark it and check back regularly.

Less than day after a presidential oil spill commission investigation revealed test results that could raise the liability stakes for Halliburton, the company struck back.

Halliburton and the Gulf Oil Spill: Maybe Faulty Cement Is the Smoking Gun (10/29/10)

A presidential commission has revealed some rather damning information about Halliburton’s role in the Gulf oil spill. But is the smoking gun we’ve been looking for?

Desperate Times? BP Sells Assets to Russian Frenemy TNK BP (10/18/10)

BP will sell $1.8 billion in international oil and gas assets to TNK BP, the one company it never wanted to operate beyond its Russian borders.

Watch BP’s Legal Strategy Go Up in Flames (10/08/10)

BP’s internal investigation never had a chance in hell of appearing impartial. Now reports of lawyer tinkering have made the report and its legal strategy worthless.

Rejected by BP? New Oil Spill Claims Rules Gives Businesses Another Shot at the Money (10/05/10)

The oil spill fund has widened its net and proximity to the oil spill will no longer have any bearing on whether a claim is rejected or accepted.

BP’s Defensive Play: Freedom to Drill, or We Can’t Pay Spill Victims (10/01/10)

BP’s is putting its Gulf of Mexico assets up as collateral to pay for claims from spill victims. There’s just one important catch.

Think BP’s Record Pollution Penalty is Big? Just Wait Until the Gulf Spill Fines Hit (10/01/10)

BP has settled a record fine with the EPA for Nike LeBron 13 Men Black Red Orange 2017 Malaysia chemical pollutants released from the Texas City refinery. Just wait until the fines for the Gulf oil spill start flowing in.

BP’s Management Shakeup: 3 Positive Steps and One Bold Move Not Taken (9/30/10)

BP’s incoming CEO Bob Dudley missed an opportunity to push the company ahead of its rivals in his management shakeup.

Why the Gulf Spill and Offshore Drilling Ban Has Big Oil Cheering (9/28/10)

ConocoPhillips sees opportunity to snap up oil and Nike Air Huarache Run Ultra 634835-009 Unisex Black Malaysia Sale gas assets on the cheap in the Gulf of Mexico. But they’re not alone.

What BP Is Doing With Its New “Deepwater Experience” (9/21/10)

Just a few days ago, BP’s rivals were blasting the company with a slew of full page ads intended to sell their new oil spill containment system. This week, BP has decided to join them.

Post Spill BP: What to Do When Your Rivals Are Out to Get You (9/20/10)

BP’s Big Oil rivals Exxon, Chevron , Shell and ConocoPhillips are gunning for the company with a round of full page attack ads. Here’s what BP should do about it.

BP’s New Lobby Tactic: Holding the Escrow Fund Hostage (9/9/10)

The offshore oil overhaul bill has BP crying foul and using a tactic that feels a lot like blackmail.

Oil Spill Report: BP Really Isn’t Sharing the Blame (9/8/10)

BP’s internal probe into the Gulf oil spill rather coyly points the most damning fingers at its contractors without coming across as company trying to avoid any of the blame.

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