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Should I stay or should I go

I been thinking a lot about The Clash over the past week or so. Far from it. I in this for the long haul, not just for this year, but for years to come. Nothing gets me running more regularly and consistently than InTraining and the countdown to the actual Sun Run on Sunday, April 15th. The way I wired up, it the absolute best way to kick off a new year, each year, by commiting to running with 60 to 80 of my closest running friends at my InTraining clinic, which happens to be a Travis Lulay long route pass from my home near the Roundhouse Community Centre.

The question I stay or should I go? pertains merely to whether I should continue to be a Cheetah or drop back to being a Fox?

Those animal nicknames are part of Sun Run InTraining culture. We use them to distinguish the various groups in our Learn to Run training program. The Cheetahs are at the top of the food chain among the Learn to Run program that is built on the SportMed RunWalk curriculum used for InTraining. They literally one step below the Learn to Run Faster group and one step ahead of the Foxes.

My connundrum is simple: Do I maintain my place in the Cheetahs and train at a pace that should earn me a Sun Run time in the range of 50 minutes? Or do I drop back to where I was last year and be as cunning as a Fox, shooting for something more in the range of 55 to 60 minutes for my 10K?

What I already decided is that I not going to take the leap this year to Learn to Run Faster. That decision was made easy by starting the program with an ankle sprain and sore knee to boot. That and the fact I had not been running for about nine months!

So my plan is to build on last week recovery week of training and figure out my plan this week or next. If I feeling anything more than slightly pushed to maintain my berth among the Cheetahs of this world (at least of my Roundhouse world), then I drop back with the Foxes. If I managing to keep a conversation going at Cheetah pace, then that it I be a Cheetah and commit to that sub group for the next nine weeks.

Until I make that call, Adidas Superstar Unisex Red Outlet Australia I have The Clash ringing in my ears. When I answer my own question of I stay or should I go? I sure I come up with another iconic song or two to reflect my Sun Run inspirations and aspirations.

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