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I was nailed on a cross for taking steroids at Seoul Olympics

The runner revisited the site of his stunning triumph and downfall to bring an anti doping message for Adidas Superstar Unisex White Black Serpentine Melbourne a sport still struggling to rid itself of banned substance use.

“It feels good to be back,” Johnson said as he stepped out onto the track where, at 1:30 pm on Sept 24, 1988, he lined up for a 100m final that would become known as the “dirtiest race in history”.

First out of the blocks in the final, Johnson destroyed a field that included his hated rival Carl Lewis and stormed to victory in a world record time of 9.79sec.

Three days later he was stripped of his medal, his time and ultimately his career after it was announced that he had tested positive for stanozolol, Cheap Adidas Nmd XR1 BA7232 Unisex Camouflatge Green Australia a banned anabolic steroid.

Six of the eight finalists would eventually be implicated in doping scandals, including Lewis, who it was later revealed had tested positive for stimulants at the US Olympic trials.

Johnson, Adidas Superstar Unisex White Black Serpentine Melbourne 51, has admitted to years of steroid use, but still feels he was unfairly picked out for vilification at a time of widespread drug use in athletics.

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